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Processing Powerful RISC CPU for advanced strategy execution
Custom Synchronous processor for engine position tracking and output diagnostics
Outputs 16 general purpose Pulse Width Modulated power outputs, including:
  • Up to 4 ignition coil outputs
  • Up to 16 fuel injector outputs
Inputs 22 general purpose analogue sensor inputs, including up to 4 bipolar
inductive or hall effect speed / engine position inputs
1 wide band (NTK) lambda sensor interface
Interfaces 100 MHz full duplex Ethernet for calibration, configuration and data download
2 CAN 2.0B interfaces for communication with other controllers or logging systems
RS232 serial interface for communication with other controllers or logging systems
Memory 1 Mb battery backed internal logging memory; download via Ethernet
Power Supply 6.3V to 30V input voltage range with reverse polarity protection
2 regulated 5V sensor supply outputs with individual short circuit protection
Software configurable (5 to 12V) sensor supply output (eg for 10V load cells)
3 Separately protected sensor and communication ground inputs
Physical 88 pin automotive connector
CNC machined, 'O' ring sealed, anodised aluminium case
Maximum dimensions including the connectors are 178 x 122 x 36 mm
Total mass is 495 grams
Operating Temperature -40 to +95 C
All 4 stroke and 2 stroke engine including Rotary up to 25,000 RPM