Integrated Ground Electrode

The massive ground electrode is the integrated part of the spark plug shell which provides superior heat removal from the active part of the spark plug, improving the resistance to pre-ignition and electrode burn-off. Ionization and spark-over occurs automatically together with an optimum composition of the fuel/air mixture. The spark plug gap is not shielded by the side electrode, so the mixture has unlimited access. Better mixture ignition, and thus higher combustion speed, and faster flame front spread, especially at the beginning of combustion, allows better fuel energy utilization. The subsequent increase in medium effective pressure in the engine cylinder and balancing of values of medium effective pressure during individual working cycles contribute to increased engine power.


Measurements made for example of CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 5.7 l and VW GOLF, performed by an independent testing authority in Canada, confirm comparability of both designs.

Statistic evaluation of successive engine cycles