Life Racing

We provide control solutions from Le Mans to Formula Ford, WRC or single-make series. Stand-alone or integrated paddle shift systems, drive-by-wire, intelligent power distribution and electronic fusing, and the high reliability wiring systems required for the most demanding competition. We have extensive experience of knock-limited intake-restricted turbocharger control gained over years of support for works WRC and Le Mans, where we have multiple class and series wins in conjunction with race engine development company AER.

Control Electronics and Software Design

Life Racing’s in-house electronics team produces custom engine control electronics and software to exacting specifications. These systems are lightweight, powerful and flexible, designed specifically to meet the high performance, rapid development and rapid calibration requirements of top-level competition. Powerful microprocessors are integrated with proprietary logic, to create hardware solutions that are inherently accurate and responsive. The software and hardware architectures are designed in parallel, in order to minimise software development time and maximise processor efficiency. Life Racing’s software-oriented approach to hardware design has race-proven high quality results, and has been reported on by the IEE in the article “Fast Code” (IEE Electronic Systems and Software Journal, December 2003). Rapid performance analysis and fault diagnosis is an essential part of motorsport. Life Racing ECUs include both time- and event-triggered internal datalogging that can monitor hundreds of channels, including input voltages, calibrated sensor readings, intermediate results and control outputs. The “Sync Log” is an additional, always-on logging feature that retains crank and cam sensor signal waveforms and angle-based event markers, for quick evaluation of any engine starting problems.

Sequential Gearbox Actuator System

The pneumatic actuator system is suitable for all sequential gearboxes and is operated by the driver, via paddle switches mounted on the back of the steering wheel; it includes a throttle blipper, which is used on downshifts, in order to equalise the input and output shaft speeds. If a Life Racing ECU is being used for engine control, then the gearbox control algorithm can be integrated into that unit, for an efficient single-box solution. Otherwise a Life Racing ECU may be operated as a standalone gearbox control unit with any alternative engine management system.

Map Calibration and Data Analysis Software Design

Life Racing PC application tools for Map Calibration (“LifeCal”) and Data Analysis (“LifeView”) have been designed to be simple and intuitive to use; they share a common user interface that has been tuned to allow single-handed keyboard control, which makes them ideal for track support purposes. They have an integrated “help” system that clarifies the complex relationships between maps and logging items; this has similar properties to a web page and can be used to navigate through related maps. Both applications feature user configurable worksheets that allow common views of data to be quickly configured and applied. Users may share calibrations and logged data files while still protecting their own Intellectual Property.